Do you want to move forward in 2014 by leaps & bounds? To truly know Yourself at Your Deepest Levels of Self, in all of Your Glory, Magnificence and Power?

Come  spend 7 Days Immersed  in Hyperspace  & Oversoul Work at our:

January  “Hyperspace/Oversoul Extravaganza”!

 – Facilitated by Stewart A Swerdlow & Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow,  Renowned experts in Hyperspace & Oversoul work.

– You will emerge with NEW insight and Self Awareness

Learn what Stewart and Janet know – Learn the tools that they use everyday.

Only 3 seats left!

This is a small and intimate course with personal one-on-one interaction, reflections & feedback

Connect with people of like-minds from all over the world. So far we have: UK, Scotland, Belgium, Canada & US represented –what about YOUR country?  Make lifelong friendships and a global support system!

AND Janet’s tasty breakfast and snacks to top it all off as you digest all knowledge you gain!

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