In Your New Beginnings – How Does Your Home Reflect Your Soul?
HOME ENERGY SCAN:   Your Home Represents the “Mansion of Your Soul”
The rooms and design represent your mind-patterns.
The furniture and colors represent your fixed thoughts. 
The area where it is located reflects your energy.    
For this scan, you provide a specific address to determine the influencing energies from the following:
            Building Number
            Street Name
            Section of Town/State (postal code)
This information is compiled into a Master Frequency to determine if this specific address fits Your Personal Frequency.
You will also be given colors to complement the address.
You can determine if your current representation of your “Mansion of Your Soul” 
Pulls You Down,  Holds You Where You Are, OR Elevates You Into Your Potential.

HOME ENERGY SCAN:  Reg: $314 – NOW: $197 

If you are interested in the general geographic area that best matches your frequency, then you need a Geographic Locator Scan.

Would you like to know where your personal energetic frequency matches the best Earth energy?   

Did you know that you can use the Earth energy to boost your own personal energy to more easily overcome personal challenges?
Did you know that this same Earth energy will enhance all that you already know and do?   
Your personal frequency must be planted on the Earth in a place that feeds YOU the most positive energy.
Living in the right location will truly lessen your struggles and help you surpass challenges and personal issues with far greater ease.
The Geographic Locator Scan is a Highly Personalized Service.    
Your report will tell you exactly what parts of the Earth resonate with your energy, making everyday a good day for you.
A Geographic Locator Scan from Stewart A. Swerdlow is like traveling with your own personal “life” map, pointing out all the correct stops for you to focus on and helping to empower you as you move forward through your life

Reg: $161  NOW: $98

What Cycles Do You Wish to End?   What New Beginnings Do You Want Bring Forward?
If you have been reading Janet’s Blog
It is Always as is Most Correct & Beneficial for You and Your Life Lessons
You can use Personal Affirmations All Day, Every Day to Increase Your Awareness, Overcome Difficulties and Prosper.
Personal Affirmations ~ by Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow   Janet taps into your energy at the Oversoul Level to find the Perfect Personal Affirmations for You. 
~ People Say That Receiving these Personal Affirmations Is Just Like Getting a Mini-Personal Consultation with Janet !~
Not Only will you feel better, you will eliminate obstacles that are holding you back – And You Will Soar!
You know that God-Mind is limitless, and you are a microcosm of the macrocosm, it is time for you to actualize your potential!
Prove that you are greater than what external (and internal) programming would have you believe.
Just as God-Mind is Limitless, So Are You!
Now is the time to stop relying on external sources and find your own true internal source of power.    
PLUS – what you THINK is your issue may only be hiding more deeply buried issues that affect the outcome of your current life and work.    

Personal Affirmations –  1 Issue – 5 Affirmations: 

Reg: $98  NOW: $53

Additional Issues – 5 affirmations each: 

Reg: $71 NOW: $44 per issue

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