What has happened to fashion?

I’m interstate and observing some very interesting things. Plastic wrapped around a single part of the body, lower leg, knee, upper arm. What’s that about?

Tattoos all over the body right up to the jaw. Their heads look disembodied, though they do seem like ok people. Looks can be deceiving.

Gala night was very interesting. I chose not to attend this year, but happened to be eating dinner outdoors when a parade of beautifully dressed women, the occasional man, walked by. Everyone was with someone. Safety in numbers.

I saw women in lovely dresses then had flip flops on their feet. Or flowing evening gowns with sneakers. Women wearing heels so high they can’t walk properly. Men in suits with colour matching sneakers. Women wearing torn denim shorts or skirt. To a Gala night?!

Last year there was a dress code and if you didn’t comply you were refused entrance. What’s happened in 12mths?

Few people are on their own. I’ve been eating meals alone and have felt comfortable doing so. I’m observing what’s going on here, what’s around me. I’m only interstate. It would be easy to think I was a different country.

What do you think about people who go out on their own?

What images does Gala Night clothing conjure for you?

Has fashion changed in 12mths?




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