Part 4

The astral realm is where your undirected thought-forms hang out as they gather with other like thought-forms, garnering strength and energy. These thought-forms still belong to you energetically. However, they still gain strength and energy from other like thought-forms by intermingling. The thought-forms are still tied to you—kind of like a rubber band.

This is also how anyone who knows how to manipulate the astral realm can use you against yourself. All your undirected thought-forms can be manipulated and gathered into one place. If you have a weak place in your mind-pattern, and someone wants to target you, your own images and vices are propelled back at you. Energetically they hit you like a ton of bricks.

For example, you decide to give up drinking alcohol. Every time you want a drink the thought-form goes into the astral and is captured. If you think 20 times a day that you want a drink, that thought collects with the others in the astral realm.

After a few months, there are a lot of these thought-forms collected. One day you are abstaining from drink and doing really well, and the next day you are overwhelmed into drinking yourself silly. What happened? If you are a target, your own thought-forms were simply directed at the weak area in the mind-pattern. You accept the thought-form because you recognize the frequency as your own.

This same collection happens to humanity. Like thought-forms are collected, feeding a specific aspect of the collective unconscious. When humanity least suspects, this energy is whirled back at them. People wonder what happened and why. Anyone who knows how to manipulate energies can re-direct this collection of energy back to its origin.(cont’d)


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