No one does anything “to” you. You only do it to yourself. Any thought-form can be collected, categorized and used against you. You create the weapon and you accept the weapon. Then you wonder why.

This explains the necessity of releasing to your Oversoul moment by moment, every day—so that your thought-forms do not take up residence in the astral realm, strengthening something that is not benevolent or for the benefit of Self or humanity.

These thought-forms can even combine to create astral entities that deem themselves deities – because they take on a life of their own. These astral entities know how to manipulate other thought-forms. To uninformed people, these deities look like gods of darkness.

If these gods of darkness do not have their combined thought-forms pulled back to the originators they can exist eternally. People who partake in Black Magick feed these gods of darkness. ( Cont’d)


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