The other day I was pegging out some washing when I suddenly felt angry. I immediately began asking questions because it’s been a while since anger has come up and really, pegging out washing isn’t a reason to be angry. Asking questions is a great place to start as it meant I was bringing myself back into my centre and into balance. This enabled me to get fast results and I realised that I had now been home for approximately 12mths.

What happened 12mths ago when I first moved home? There was much anger and resentment towards my parents, my ex, my Self. I was angry and embarrassed about being back home. I was resentful because I had left a beautiful property and house. I was now in an old house which lacked the comforts of quality modern design, appliances and fittings. I didn’t have my own space and I felt that I didn’t belong. There was so much negativity here and so much fear. Wow, when I look at all that, it’s no wonder I felt angry.

I saw that I was on a loop, though was able to recognise that the loop was actually a spiral. I’ve moved up a full cycle on that spiral and am in a fascinating position where I’m able to observe what’s coming up as residual energy from a year ago. It’s coming up for release and cleaning out.

This is in line with the frequencies of this month. February is a 13 frequency this year and the colour is peach. 13 is about all possibilities, fast opportunities and choices. Slow down and think before you make any decision! Peach is a combination of pale orange, pale yellow and pale pink; truth, creativity, digestion, understanding, receiving, unconditional love, acceptance, compassion.

For me, I’m getting the opportunity to relive the energies of this time last year and my choice is either to perpetuate or to release. How do I release old patterns and emotions? By doing exactly what I said at the start. I’m recognising what I’m feeling, stopping to ask questions and that’s enabling me truth and understanding. Sending the emotions up as I don’t need to hold onto them. I now have acceptance for what was and what is and that’s enabling me compassion and unconditional love for all involved. I’m digesting life circumstances and this is allowing me to grow emotionally and mentally, maturely. This is what this month is providing for each and every one of you to take advantage of.

I’ve been walking through this house that I grew up in. Very little has changed, it’s old and tired, but now I’m seeing it through different eyes. There is a wealth of information here. A wealth of imprinted frequencies that are enabling me to understand who I AM. It’s certainly a process and I would not have journeyed so deep within and Up if I hadn’t returned here.

If I had chosen to perpetuate those feelings of anger I would have remained on the loop. Stopping and slowing down to ask questions has enabled me to utilise supportive frequencies, which we all have access to, and move up the spiral instead.

Where were you 12 mths ago?

What were you doing then?

What emotions/feelings were you working through?

Do you know what those emotions/feelings were about?

What choices do you have this month?

Are you aware of the consequences depending upon which way you choose?

Are you aware that you might be replaying scenarios from 12 mths ago, now? If so, would you like to share them so others may learn?

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