Towards the end of the first week of February I received notification that my travel card had suspicious activity on it. This came via email, they hadn’t tried to call me. I remained calm and logged in to my account and that’s when horror struck and stress shot up. My account was wiped clean.

I rang and the person who answered wasn’t a natural speaker of English. I’m aware that when stressed one of the first things to go is my hearing. (What don’t I want to hear?) So this didn’t help. She looked up my account and told me that the fraud team had been trying to contact me. That was designed to put me on my back foot and it didn’t work. No calls had registered on my phone and all I had was one email.

I was told that my card had been suspended already and that one fraudulent transaction had already been stopped, but they were querying the rest. This seemed ludicrous to me because there were 6 successive transactions for high payments within minutes of each other.  The name of these accounts belonged to a Government of a middle Eastern country and I suspect that’s one reason I had such issues.

I lodged my case verbally and had to submit a written statement to escalate the investigation. I’ve never encountered this before! Everything was designed to make me feel as though I had done something wrong. In a sense I had. I went back through my purchase history to see where I’ve been and that hasn’t helped much.

What I found interesting is that these transactions were made over a week after I returned home and my card hadn’t been used in that time. Maybe someone picked up my details and sold them on. Who knows.

The transactions under question had a pending status on them and I was told it would take 6 days to clear one way or the other. I was also told that if the funds were released, I wouldn’t get them back. My stress levels went up higher. What I learnt is that travel card companies work very differently to banks.

Once I ascertained the mind pattern for this; Self protection, Self identity, Self worth and Self value, I began delving within to work to resolve it asap.

I had thought that I’d been doing so well with all the ‘Self’s’ listed above, but clearly there was a hole somewhere. I kept digging and asking OverSoul for help.

As the funds were on hold, pending, I believed that they would be safe. Wrong. Within a couple of days they were released. I went into cold, calm, anger and rang the company. They tried the usual responses and putting this all back on me. I wasn’t having any of it. I kept asking questions and knew I was getting somewhere because she didn’t have answers immediately. She tried to talk over me and for the first time in my life I didn’t allow that and kept talking until she stopped and listened. I finally asked if this conversation was being recorded, yes it was, so I stepped up my anger and questions. She let slip that my funds were going to be reinstated to me after the investigation. That stopped me in my tracks! I asked her to repeat it and she did. Why hadn’t I been told this at the start? She would not reply. I lowered my tone and thanked her.

Within a week I had a strange situation occur on FaceBook regarding those quiz thingies, where companies go through your contacts list and make all sorts of connections and stories about you. Well, long story, short, these companies were posting quiz results under my account without my authority.

It got me thinking, though. First of all my travel card had unauthorised transactions and now I was having unauthorised postings on my FB wall. This was certainly about Self protection and Self identity.

The deeper I went within, I began to uncover some truths I didn’t like about myself and that was causing me a few issues with judgement, acceptance, grief, which I continued to delve into to resolve.

Well, the next day I found out how to improve the security on my FB account.

Then the following day I made a breakthrough with my Self development, accepting those truths that were causing me such anguish. I saw an immediate shift with my relationship with Dad. I began to feel humble, as though all fight had gone out of me. I was no longer upset by things, particularly by Dad.

The very next day I received an email saying that my funds had been restored! and I found that while I still feel the fight has gone out of me, I’m able to stand up for myself appropriately. What I’ve done is stop fighting my Self.

I’m grateful that I had people to whom I could turn to for advice during this.

How do you respond when something goes ‘wrong’?

Do you blame anyone?

Do you look at life’s challenging and see opportunities for Self growth?

Why do you think I had to fight before I was told my finances would be returned?

Do you stand up for your Self?

Have you ever learnt more information as a result of standing up for your Self?

Can you see by working on my Self, things were making themselves clear for me to resolve?

Do you look at your life and see the connections?

Or do you believe that individual incidences are isolated?

Have you ever experienced anger to clear and calm your mind?

What do you do when angry?

What do you when stressed?

Do you have people who support you?

Are you able to support your Self?

Do you rely on others to solve your issue?

What does support mean to you?






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