When you feel angry or resentful, what do you do?

Do you look for someone to blame?

Do you vent at the nearest person or at the world knowing you’re just venting?

I’ve been working diligently all week to release and understand growing resentment. I’d been managing. That’s not good enough. Then today when the pressure was due to ease, it ramped up. I had to do an informative video on a topic I know little about. I did reasonably well. The pressure ‘should’ have lessened. No, I became irritated at the gym by others. Later when I went shopping it was the traffic. I utilised that time to ask myself what was going on.

I found out that I was more tired than I had accepted. Asking questions up to OverSoul enabled me to gain a lot of insight and that led to one memory after another just like pulling tissues consistently out of the tissue box.

I came home and had a short nap. Caught up on a bit of business. Received an email from an acquaintance and about 30mins later received a threatening email from the same person. What was going on?!

When life has you at a disadvantage that’s when it comes in for a swift kick. Who hasn’t had this happen?

Strong foundations are serving me well. I’m breathing into my centre, working to remain balanced and grounded. I can feel that my animal mind is wanting to either run and cry, or stand and fight. I’ve sent a counter email and am using the time given doing some serious OverSoul work. I see positivity in what’s happening. How it’s going to play out is rather daunting. This is simply a test and an opportunity to surpass.

Has life kicked you when you were down?

How do you respond?

Are you aware when you get knocked out of your centre?

How do you know?

Are you aware that these are tests and it is possible to surpass?

Do you run or fight?

Do you take your feelings out on others?

What if you feel they deserve it?

Do they really deserve it?

Do you see challenges as opportunities?

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