Part 1

”Who are you?” is the question asked throughout millennia.

In this reality, the question should be, “Where did you go?”

At the moment of your birth, the soul-personality was formed, whole, and complete. It had expectations, goals, and desires as well as thoughts and intense feelings. The soul-personality had a desire to express and communicate.

At some point in your early journey, you stopped being you. Perhaps you were an infant crying for comfort, food, or warmth, and no one came. Perhaps you stretched your arms out for a hug and were rejected one time too many. Perhaps you shared your hopes and dreams only to be laughed at or ridiculed. Perhaps someone stopped you as your joy was pouring forth when you skipped and experienced a carefree moment.

Think about your early experiences that left you feeling less than whole and complete.

When did you realize that your expectations, goals, and desires would go unfulfilled?

How were your desires to express and communicate squashed and suppressed? (cont’d)