Part 3

Once these aspects of Self were suppressed, i.e., effectively “removed,” you were left with a gap in the original personality. Once a gap is created, then you have to fill it in with something.

What did you use to fill in the gap?

Was it silence, shyness, or acting out?

Was it fear, anger, frustration, bitterness?

Was it jealousy, envy, or sadness?

Spend some time thinking about:

  1. The Original Soul-Personality
  2. What you lost
  3. What age you lost it
  4. What you used to fill in the gaps

How did this change in personality affect your behavior?

Did you begin to change more and more of you to suit the outside environment when you realized the outside environment was not changing to suit you?

Did you become combatant with the outside environment when you realized that you were not allowed self-expression?

How do you think these personality changes affected your life choices and path?

Can you imagine your life without these changes having taken place?

What would you and your life be like?

Would you have even entered into this life cycle if these changes had not taken place?

Did you come here to learn something specific that could only be accomplished if these parts of you were effectively “removed”?

Could you have accomplished your goal any other way?

Could your parents have been your parents if these changes had not taken place? (cont’d)