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Part 4

There are always a lot of emotions surrounding “who I might have been if this or that had not happened.”

Now, take the additional step to recognize who you are because of what did happen. It is easy to focus on what you lost, but more challenging, and ultimately realistic, to determine why you chose the route in life that suppressed a part of your innate characteristics.

There had to be a reason and purpose that served the overall soul-personality for your life to have occurred as it did. The soul-personality knew the characteristics of your parents and guardians. Your soul-personality specifically chose this life, knowing that parts of you were going to be redirected and refocused.

The more you dig around the moment of inception into this reality, the closer you are going to come to determining why you came here. The reasons are most likely multidimensional and multifaceted. You may find more reasons than you expected.

You most likely did not choose an easy road, but it becomes more bearable when you understand why you chose it. Keep proactively searching, and you may be amazed at the many layers that you uncover. All of these are clues to the soul-personality, as well as to the very reason for your existence.

Perhaps the suppression of parts of you was necessary for the growth of the overall soul-personality in a balanced way not easily understood or explained via the human experience. But as your toolbox grows and your knowledge deepens, and the soul-personality has accomplished some of its goals, it is time for you to consciously know more about who you really are. As you answer the question, “Where did I go?” the reasons begin to make more sense and clarify the bigger picture of the soul-personality.

This is a challenging question that is sure to bring forth more inner revelations.

The End.