Janet recently wrote in her blog,  “The masses are right brain/emotional/spiritual.  The Global Elite are left brain/logical/physical reality.  This keeps the God-Mind in balance. ”

I have been working on this internally lately.  This reminds me of the TV show “Shark Tank”. Many entrepreneurs (masses) are looking for investments.  Most are emotional and feel they have a vision for their company.  Often, they get an offer yet ruin it because of emotions.  The Sharks (The Global Elite) conversely are logical as well as grounded.  They focus in the distance on how their investment can make more money.  

I recently moved to St. Joseph, MI from Colorado.  My relationships were abusive and  I had trouble with drugs and alcohol.  My career suffered and I felt weak most days.  Growing up the child within has helped me know what I have to do.  Most people are eager to go to Colorado and think I am crazy for leaving.  Opposite the masses, moving to where my frequency matches has been the best thing I have ever done for myself.  I feel happier and clear.  My career and relationships are all much better now.  I can do my mental work with greater success.  

I get to be closer to Expansions and be in events.  Now, I can even offer a room and transport to people who may want to come here for a seminar.  If you have not been here I encourage you to come now!  If you have not had a geographic locator scan yet, I urge you to do it now and change your life!  


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