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Part 1

 When the mind-pattern of a person is out of balance, all areas of a person’s life are affected. Life becomes increasingly muddled, complex, and consuming. Even though it takes many weeks, months, and sometimes years for these situations to catch your attention, they usually have been building for a long time. They rarely just happen overnight. This applies to all issues, whether they are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, career, relationship, financial, etc.

When people finally realize that they have an issue, most want a quick fix. Because these situations make them feel “bad” they want someone or something to make them feel “good”—immediately!

People choose a variety of routes to achieve this “good” feeling. Some people choose allopathic medicine which suppresses the physical symptoms, or surgery, which simply cuts out the “bad stuff.” Some people choose legal or illegal mood-elevating drugs that promote a false sense of well-being. (cont’d)