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Part 2

Some people believe that if they remove specific people from their lives, that everything will be fine. Or, if they have a different job, they will be happy. Or, more money…this seems to be a great “problem solver.” In the minds of most people, this “healing” that they are looking for will make them “happy” once and for all. Most people think, “if only this or that was different, I would be happy.”

The majority of people are determined to find someone or something outside of themselves that will heal them or their life situation. This simply does not exist. You put yourself in a specific place in life for a reason. You did not just fall into your life. You created it one step at a time. Even if you think it was unconscious, a part of you knew exactly what was happening. This part of you allowed you to create your current circumstances. Because this part of you created your life step by step, this part of you knows how to dismantle the uncomfortable situation step by step.

Only you can dismantle the situation, whether it is mental or physical. Everybody and everything else is only a crutch/aid/support that ultimately can only re-direct you back inside of yourself. You got where you are by yourself, you have to get out of there by yourself. You may create support to help you move on, but only you can actually do it. This is your task; this is your mission. It may not be as grandiose an objective as you would like, but the ultimate journey truly is and only can be fulfilled by you. (cont’d)