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Part 4

You may think that if you could only go somewhere else, you would be “healed”. Maybe you think your “healer” is a geographic location. While, again, this can be a crutch/aid/support, ultimately, you are the only one who can heal you.

If you allow someone or something to “heal” you, then you will only re-create the situation somewhere else with someone or something else .Until you change, nothing else truly changes. You can run, but you cannot hide anywhere. You are the creator and the healer.

Never put anyone on a pedestal. Everyone is always equal. If someone says that he/she can “heal” you, think twice, and then twice more, and if you still are not sure, you better continue your evaluation process. No one ever successfully heals another.

Do yourself a favor—declare yourself your own best and true healer. Gather your tools; prepare to do your work. Stay focused and maintain your Self, Oversoul, and God-Mind connection. Your path becomes narrower and also more defined. More boundaries, more rules, more success. There is nothing like triumph from within, a step at a time. These are the lessons from which you learn; these are the lessons that you remember; these are the experiences you finally and ultimately, complete. The secret to being  healed is realizing who the healer really is.

The End.