I guess my headline gives you a hint what this post will bring up, but i think you have felt the same way in many different situations. I have been studying Mathematics for about two years now and as i mentioned in my previous post, i have been accepted into a Bachelors Program in Mathematics. That makes me feel very proud and like i am going to shit in my pants at the same time, a very strange feeling to say the least. Mathematics is a pissing contest, there is no way around that. It has been a way to measure ones intelligence for ages, and that attracts a certain kind of mind patterns. Now, i don’t mean this in a general way, most people, like me, just want to learn more about this fascinating language of the Universe, and couldn’t care less about competing for “who is the smartest”. The last year i have studied from home, sending in my tests and missions to a web-based education program. So i have been in charge of my own education, and it has been my responsibility to learn what i need to know. This is most times very frustrating, because i can’t just ask someone, i have to send emails and be active on forums and such, Youtube by the way, is a gift from God!

And what i have noticed is that people don’t want to share what they know. My unwittingness makes the ones i ask feel smart and superior. It is almost like they enjoy my struggle. This make me furious at times, but it also makes me trust in Source to bring the knowledge to me. I would argue that the scientific community, is one the most closed off communities, tied with the banking world. Why is that?

Well for starters, i think the isolation is engineered. It makes the ones inside the community one step ahead of the masses. Growing up in a non educated family, i was raised under the impression that scientist are almost genetically superior to everyone else, like they have a biological advantage, and that is the reason they are so smart. This imprinting has been one of my greatest obstacles. And i believed i have lifted the veil to the whole myth of science.

Math is a muscle, and yes you can have a more favorable genetics to build that muscle. Same as not anyone that goes to the gym, can look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. With that said, there is layers beneath the top echelon of talent and genetics. It comes down to pressure and time. How much focus are you motivated to spend learning something. You can spend a higher concentration of focus in a less amount of time, and vice versa. Obviously, high pressure over a great amount of time makes a diamond, adding talent to that makes something very special.

Assuming that everyone knows what you know is a big mistake no matter where you are in life, as Janet says, it makes an ASS of U and ME. And that is often the case when i reach out about a Math problem. I get these arrogant comments and at times they get to me and i feel stupid. Like Math doesn’t do that well on its own! But i remember PERSEVERANCE. I just keep the same pressure on my focus, eventually i crack the problem, and all of a sudden i understand, it takes time. The education system is a contest, that is why we have winners and losers. But this doesn’t apply to life, in life it doesn’t matter if you scored high on a test, if you can’t apply your knowledge to reality, your test result is irrelevant. Einstein was an awful student, he wrote his famous papers while working at a patent office, not as a professional scientist. I would argue he did pretty well for himself. He ended up as a Professor at Princeton.

This is something we face in everything we endeavor.

Do you have these same experiences?

Do get angry when someone doesn’t give you the answer?

Do you trust in Source to provide the right answer at the right time?


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