~ “Hyperspace/Oversoul Extravaganza”! ~
~ One Week – 7 Days ~
Completely Immersed in Hyperspace & Oversoul Work!

-You will emerge with NEW insight and Self Awareness
– Facilitated by renowned experts in Hyperspace & Oversoul work:

Stewart A Swerdlow & Janet Diane Mourglia-Swerdlow

~ No one guides you through the intricacies
of YOUR TRUE PERSONAL SELF like Janet and Stewart ~.

~ Change YOUR Outlook – Change YOUR Life ~

“Hyperspace/Oversoul Extravaganza”!
Sunday – Jan 11th at 1PM through Saturday – Jan 17th at 1PM.
Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm

T.D asks: Will this week-long-class be available on DVD, to those who paid, but could not attend in person?

Janet Swerdlow says: No, we do not record this as there is a lot of personal information for the participants. This once a year class is not to be missed if you love Hyperspace/Oversoul tools and techniques and want to get an amazing jumpstart on your life.

gypsy says: I have been to the previous 2 Hyperspace/Oversoul Extravaganza weeks and I’ve signed up for this one, Jan 2015. They are brilliant and I learn so much more each time I come. My life is improving in so many positive ways that I didn’t dream about.I wouldn’t miss them for the world. The snow is a bonus.

Janet Swerdlow says: I have been to (I think) 6 now and I learn each and every time. So happy you are joining us. I encourage anyone really wanting to self-explore to take the time for this unique class. I will give my personal testimony that there is none other like it here on this great planet!