Monday, I went to court bright and early!  I was there supporting my mother who has no criminal record and would not harm a fly.  She has become somewhat compulsive since her traumatic brain injury and I cannot imagine how hard it must be for her daily.  She took a small item when we were grocery shopping that was less that $20, I think it was some kind of eye liner or makeup product.  I was trying on a shirt, I turn for my head for two minutes and look what happens!  We spent over $100 shopping together and she does not remember doing this.  To me it is like a child putting candy in their pocket at a candy store.  They don’t know any better and you should discipline them but not arrest them!

She sat in court with me and watched many cases involving DUI, domestic violence as well as a double homicide by Alex Perez! The news was there filming and we spoke to the cameraman in length while waiting very long to see the judge.  My mother was called near the very end so they obviously have no good system of priority in handling cases.  Perez, murdered the mother and grandfather of his children on Jan. 14, 2016 because he was convinced they were physically and sexually assaulting his children ages 3 and 4.  Killing them was his way of “freeing” them from this.

There is no evidence to date of the children being harmed at all and Perez is still declared “incompetent” and is being ordered more “treatment” before he can be of “help” to his attorney and be “assessed” for criminal responsibility.  What kind of SH%T is this! HELLO, people he is GUILTY.  The judge patronized, lectured, and humiliated people making them sulk and take responsibility in front of him but a murderer must be “assessed”.  When he did this to my mother I wanted to yell at the judge but stayed silent.  I was told to sit down by an officer though the outrage had me pacing.

I’m reminded me of the “affluenza” teen Ethan Couch who got what appeared to be special treatment in running over and killing 4 people not including harm done to those in his vehicle.  There was the cop shooting filmed on Facebook and now the guy dumb enough to kill someone on Facebook live was caught today.  I agree with Stewart that there is only going to be more stories like this as the agenda for a new world religion with ritual sacrifice will be accepted.

I’m so very dissatisfied with the criminal justice system, it is broken and just does not work. It may have it’s place in a positive light but I think the control system is out of control and in my experiences it is all about revenue for states.  Most people cannot pay the outrageous court fees and have no job or vehicle already on top of the fines. The “treatments” never seem to change any behaviors in fact the system seems to breed repeat offenders.  Don’t even get me started on the racism!  Maybe, people judging themselves internally creates the need to be judged on the outside….

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