Next weeks Conference: “Finding Your Frequency” – What is your place within the overall scheme of the God-Mind?

Where do you come from and what emanates from your mind-pattern that creates this Earth plane of existence and beyond? Janet & I will be talking about frequencies on all levels of Existence & where & how you fit into it.

Then off to Japan:
My sponsors there are putting together a fantastic event! I am excited for my visit!

Then, turn around, get home & head back out to New York!

June 6th at the Meta Center
Free Lecture Friday June 6th, in conjunction with:
Free Holistic Bazaar – doors open at 6:30pm
Contact Naini:

Saturday June 7th:
~ Workshop: “Hyperspace Intro” $125
Plus consultations: Friday, Sat & Sunday
With the possibility of a “Day with Stewart”

Contact Patricia to register.
269-519-8036 (USA)
[email protected]
skype: eventsatexpansions
*International callers, please make an appointment to call or skype.