Stewart and I have just confirmed another guest to the October line-up!

EVERYONE loves “Gary the Numbers” guy and he’s BAAAACK! and he’s going to talk about the Economic Crisis and how the Elite hide numbers in plain site!

Here’s what he has to say:

I Will talk about the numerology and Astrology behind the Global Economic Collapse ( Even wrote a Ebook about it Last year ) . I will also show examples of how the ELITE Use Numerology hidden in Plain Sight.

Here’s a classic interview he did about Numerology with Janet & Stewart a few years ago! Enjoy!

Here’s Gary’s Main website:   GARYTHENUMBERSGUY.NET

and his Stock market website: STOCKMARKETNUMEROLOGY.COM

PLUS Mary Sutherland, Paranormal Tour Guide, Researcher & Author who will be speaking about the Red-Haired Giants of North America AND bringing Artifacts never-before-seen in North America!

PLUS Steve Spyrison who will be speaking about Mary Magdalene & the ISIS connection!

PLUS Christopher Garetano, Producer Director of “Montauk Chronicles”! Who else gets to watch the movie with the Producer/Director AND the Star (Stewart, of course??  ) AND gets to ask both Questions! 

Wow! Don’t miss out! Join us!

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