Your Birth Name Tells You: “WHO AND WHAT YOU TRULY ARE”!

Your Name is a Spiritual Code. 

Similar to the DNA in your Body, which is a Code of Your Genetics.


Your Personal Code is Hidden in the Letters, Colors and Frequencies
of YOUR Birth Name.

Do you know that each letter of the alphabet is actually an archetype with a specific meaning?

In combination these letters reveal information from your conscious, subconscious, and superconscious minds about your personal reason for being in this reality and why you chose the family genetics that you did.
How do you feel about your name?

Do you realize that you actually chose your own name before you were born?

Once you understand your personal code, you can move towards your goals much more swiftly than ever before. 

 Knowing Who and What You Truly Are is the Key to Creating Success and Happiness

– Across ALL Parts of YOUR Life.


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You will treasure your Name Energy Scan forever!


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